Greasemonkey Scripts

Collection of Greasemonkey scripts that I wrote. I have a account, but this page will remain updated more often. Have fun!

I just finished a general cleanup and standardization of name/namespaces for all my old scripts. If you have an older version of a script (from before November 2008), and install a newer one, you may run into problems. See my notes below for more information.

You can find me on my journal or on my twitter. Any questions, comments, problems, suggestions for existing scripts, wishes for new scripts, or cookies can go to my address (afuna@) -- thanks!

Dreamwidth Development


Dreamwidth and LiveJournal

Due to divergence in the code base, most scripts may only work with one site. I haven't looked at them all, but if you have one script you'd like me to look at to see if it would be feasible, I'd be happy to port over scripts by request.


LJ and DW Support

Scripts for the Support board on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth. Some of these may work on other sites, if you edit the includes plus any URLs inside the scripts that point to pages on But only the ones labelled "Support:" work on both Dreamwidth and LiveJournal. The ones labelled "LJ Support: " will need updating.



If you have an older version of the script, and you install a script from this page, you may find that you have two copies of the same script under slightly different names, which are both called on the same page causing wonky behavior, or else that your stored script preferences were not carried over.

If the first happens, just delete the older version. If the second happens, copy the preferences, and then delete the older version. Preferences are in about:config. Filter to "afuna", copy the old preferences to a new preference with the preference name in this format (note the double slash!):


I'm really sorry for the inconvenience, but the mess the old scripts were in was driving me crazy! And so I promised myself that I would clean that up before I moved them to this new site.